Friday, December 28, 2007

Rendering of the Day:

Today's rendering is of a new 30-story skyscraper, set to be completed in Rosslyn in about two years. This building has a very different feel that most buildings in Rosslyn. It's clean, modern, and green! Located at 1812 N. Moore St., it will be one of three recently approved skyscrapers in Rosslyn, including the Central Place project, which will include an office and condominium building. With these three towers, along with the Waterview and Turnberry Tower, Rosslyn is finally getting a classy skyline.



Jesse Kaye said...

Have you seen the 46(?) story building that will begin construction next year at Randolph and 9th in Arlington. Its the tallest building from here to Philly.

Justin said...

No I haven't! You have any info? Is it already designed?